Why You Need Grimebusters to Handle Your Fire Restoration
Posted By Jan 19, 2023
by admin

If a fire has devastated your home or place of business, you need Grimebusters’ help to restore your property. While attempting to do your own fire restoration may seem like a viable option, insurance companies often require a professional fire damage restoration company like Grimebusters to complete this challenging work. At Grimebusters, our team will ensure that nothing is left unfinished in your fire restoration. We have the necessary resources, experiences, and skills to return your Edmonton property to its original form. Below are some benefits of partnering with Grimebusters for your fire restoration. Continue reading to learn more!

Quick Response Time

A home or business that has been fire-damaged is generally uninhabitable until restoration is completed. That’s why it’s essential to act fast following a fire and get your property restored as soon as possible. However, restoring your home or business after a fire is time-consuming and dangerous. Fire restoration projects require a significant amount of equipment and supplies to be completed fully and safely. These restoration jobs are far more complicated than a simple DIY project. A professional team like Grimebusters can make significantly faster work of your fire restoration. Our team works hard and efficiently to ensure that your Edmonton property will be restored to its original form safely and thoroughly. We are available 24/7 for emergencies, so if you’ve experienced a fire in your home or business, Grimebusters can respond immediately.

Guaranteed Full Restoration

Restoring a property that has experienced fire damage involves far more than deep cleaning and installing new furnishings. A fire restoration project is typically extensive, as leftover soot and smoke damage can negatively impact your health. In contrast, fire damage can leave your property in shambles. Often our team of technicians at Grimebusters has to deal with water damage, mould growth, structural damage and more when restoring a home or business. Our team of experienced professionals has the knowledge, training, and equipment to restore your property following a fire. With over 20 years of experience in restoration, Grimebusters can ensure that your property is as good as new.

Avoid Any Hazards

As previously mentioned, a fire can bring more than smoke damage to your property. A professional restoration company can find numerous other hazards within your home or business following a fire. For instance, asbestos-containing materials could become damaged and expose you to asbestos. Or water-damaged sections of your property from putting out the fire could quickly become infested with mould. A professional fire restoration company like Grimebusters has the necessary skills and equipment to address these hazards and more after a fire safely. That way, you’re not putting your health at risk by attempting to restore your property on your own.

Fire Restoration in Edmonton

Since 1994, Grimebusters has proudly served the Edmonton community with essential emergency restoration services and more. Our highly trained technicians and carpenters can take care of your fire or flood-damaged property and restore it to its original form. In addition to our restoration services, Grimebusters also offers additional cleaning services such as carpet and rug cleaning, asbestos removal, and more. If your property has been damaged in a fire, contact Grimebusters today so we can help you get back to normal fast!