Unattended Death

Professional Cleanup After Unattended Death

Unattended deaths often require more intensive cleaning services. But cleaning up biohazards without protective equipment or the right cleaning agents, regardless of skill, is dangerous to your health. Grimebusters has been helping families after tragedies such as unattended deaths for 30 years, going as far as to reconstruct areas of the home to make the home safe for family living again. Property managers and family members all over Edmonton trust the Grimebusters team’s experience and discretion after an unattended death.

At Grimebusters, all the services you need to get the home ready for living again can be done with one company. If there is flooring that needs to be replaced, walls that need patching, and odours that need removal, Grimebusters can do it. We will clean any affected upholstery and do our best to salvage items before resorting to incineration. Should any furniture need removing and incineration, we will remove these objects for you and dispose of them properly. Once the Grimebusters team has left, there will be nothing left for you to handle.

When it comes to trauma cleaning and unattended deaths, Grimebusters provides 24/7 emergency services to anyone who needs it. Our following services are at your disposal for unattended deaths:


  • Blood Cleanup
  • Incineration Services
  • Upholstery Cleaning
  • Construction
  • Post-Construction Cleanup
  • Pathological Waste/ Human Bodily Fluid Decontamination
  • Drug Paraphernalia Disposal
  • Hoarding Cleanup

If you or your family has an unattended death, contact the police first. The police must be your first call. Once the police have cleared the home, contact Grimebusters, and we can send someone to do an inspection and consultation to determine the scope of work. We know that a sudden tragic event like an unattended death can bring around unexpected costs. Grimebusters is aware of the cost and time sensitivities that families can have, and we will do our best to clean as best we can without overwhelming you. Our quotes are as accurate as we can be, and we do our best to stick to them. Once our services are done, it is completely safe for the home to be lived in once again.

Grimebusters Ltd. is available on a 24-hour basis to respond quickly and efficiently whenever the need for biohazard cleanup arises, in order to minimize your exposure to potentially serious health risks. Call us today, and we’ll dispatch a specialized team to your door immediately.