5 Common Myths About Mould
Posted By Jan 4, 2023
by admin

For many homeowners across Edmonton, mould is a common issue. Mould can affect your house and your health; however, despite all the information online regarding mould, there are still plenty of misconceptions about it. As Edmonton’s premier mould remediation company, Grimebusters is proud to dispel some common myths about mould. Below we’ll discuss some common misconceptions about mould and mould remediation. Continue reading to find out the truth about mould!

Myth 1: Your House is 100% Free of Mould

The truth is that mould spores exist in every environment; mould is a naturally occurring organism that lives in the air we breathe, fabric, and elsewhere. That means it’s virtually impossible to eradicate mould totally. However, there’s no need to panic; a low/ typical concentration of mould spores in the air won’t trigger symptoms related to mould exposure. But be aware that if you notice mould growth in your home or business, you need to hire a mould remediation specialist like Grimebusters to clear your property.

Myth 2: You Can DIY Mould Removal

Depending on the severity of your mould infection, you may be able to handle mould removal independently. However, at Grimebusters, we recommend that you bring in our team of experts to scope out the mould growth in your home. We have the necessary tools, personal protective equipment and training to safely remove mould without contaminating other areas of your home. In addition, mould exposure can be dangerous and negatively impact your health, especially if you or someone in your home has asthma. When it comes to mould, it’s best to leave it to the pros at Grimebusters.

Myth 3: Bleach Kills All Moulds

While bleach is effective at eliminating mould from nonporous surfaces, it’s not strong enough to penetrate porous surfaces for complete mould removal. In some cases, bleach can even promote mould growth if the source of moisture is still active in your house. Not to mention, bleach can severely damage your walls and furniture if misused. However, Grimebusters has the training and experience to handle mould remediation from all surfaces in your home adequately!

Myth 4: Small Areas of Mould are a Non-Issue

Innocuous-sized areas of mould may seem harmless but can ultimately spread very fast. So that tiny area of mould can quickly become a significant health problem if left untreated. More often than not, when mould grows behind the walls of your home and in ventilation systems, only a tiny amount will be visible. However, that can indicate a more significant mould problem. So to protect your health, it’s best to address your mould problem as soon as you discover it rather than letting it fester and grow.

Myth 5: Mould Exposure is No Big Deal

While not everyone will immediately notice the side effects of mould exposure, it’s still detrimental to your health and can cause serious illnesses. For those who deal with respiratory issues such as asthma, mould exposure can exacerbate their symptoms and make their respiratory problems much more severe. Some of the most common symptoms of mould exposure are headaches, watery eyes, memory loss, dizziness, coughing, congestion, and more. If you notice any of these symptoms and have spotted mould growth in your home, it is essential that you get Grimebusters to come and clean up the mould in your home.

Grimebusters, the Mold Remediation Experts

Mould is a serious problem that you must address as soon as possible. Fortunately, Grimebusters is here to help! Our highly trained technicians can find the mould in your Edmonton home and clear it efficiently and safely without contaminating other areas. Don’t be a victim of mould exposure in your home; Grimebsters is here for you and your family. If you’ve spotted signs of mould in your home in Edmonton, contact Grimebusters right away!