Common Rug Cleaning Issues and Their Solutions
Posted By Dec 28, 2022
by admin

During the winter months in Edmonton, many businesses and homeowners fight against snow and mud to keep their area rugs clean. Your rug faces many challenges, from mud and dirt to foot traffic and pet hair. Fortunately, Grimebusters is here to help! Our team of skilled area rug cleaners can help you manage the many challenges your rugs will face this winter by providing outstanding area rug cleaning services. Through our years of experience, Grimebusters has encountered many rug cleaning challenges. Below we’ll discuss some common rug cleaning issues you may be facing and how to solve them. Keep reading to learn more!

Mud, Dirt and Oil Marks

It’s not uncommon to track dirt, oil, and other smudges from outside onto your area rug. Your area rug faces many dirty challenges, from accidentally spilled food to children and pets making a mess with muddy paws and feet. While establishing tight household rules may reduce the extent of the mess on your rug, ultimately, accidents are inevitable. Nonetheless, there is an easy solution! When your area rug gets muddy or dirty, it’s best to address these smudges and marks as soon as possible to prevent staining. A soaked cloth will likely not do much to remove the dirt from your rug, instead, request professional area rug cleaning from Grimebusters! Our team can quickly and easily restore your area rug to its original pristine condition.

Premature Wear and Tear

Suppose your area rug is still relatively new, and you’ve noticed early signs of wear and tear. In that case, it’s vital to get your rug cleaned professionally by Grimebusters. Regular maintenance and cleaning are the core of your rug’s stunning appearance. Early signs of wear and tear can indicate that your rug needs to be maintained or professionally cleaned more often. Failing to clean your area rug regularly can deteriorate faster than you expected. So the simple solution to premature wear and tear is to reevaluate your rug’s maintenance and consider moving it to avoid overburdening it with foot traffic.

Matted or Crushed Fibres

Rig matting and crushed fibres are common issues for area rug owners in Canada, as our winter season can easily damage rugs. Often the main culprit behind your rug’s crushed fibres is heavy foot traffic, especially snowy or wet foot traffic. Over time lots of winter boots knocking snow and dirt off your rug can cause matting and crushed fibres. To revive your area rug back to its original form, it’s vital to perform regular area rug maintenance, including professional cleaning. At Grimebusters, our team can restore your area rug or carpets to their original beauty. We can also assist you with possible remedial action if matting has occurred.

Stuck Pet and Human Hair

Finally, one of the most common issues businesses and homeowners face regarding their area rugs is pet and human hair that has become stuck in their rug. Pet hair can cause allergies and discomfort to those in your household or business if it is not cleared away. What makes removing hair from carpets and rugs challenging is that the hair fibres often hide in the roots of your rug. While regular vacuuming can remove most of the hair, if you notice hair that just won’t get unstuck from your area rug, you need the assistance of Grimebusters. Our team of professional area rug cleaners can easily remove stuck pet and human hair from your area rug and make it look brand new!

Area Rug Cleaning by Grimebusters

For over two decades, Grimebusters has provided Edmonton businesses and homeowners with the area rug and carpet cleaning services they need. Our experienced technicians are equipped with the latest rug-cleaning equipment, natural disinfectant solutions, and skills necessary to bring new life into your rugs and carpets. In addition to our area rug cleaning services, we also provide the Edmonton area with numerous other services, including emergency cleaning and restoration. Contact us today to learn more about how Grimebusters can clean your area rug efficiently and professionally!