Why Professional Carpet Cleaning is Worth It
Posted By Jan 4, 2023
by admin

Many businesses and homeowners in Edmonton are hesitant to invest in professional carpet cleaning. While professional carpet cleaning can seem like an expensive hassle that interrupts your daily activities, it’s important to remember that professional carpet cleaners like Grimebusters do vital work for your rugs and carpets. At Grimebusters, our skilled technicians can quickly and efficiently clean your carpets to ensure they live up to their full potential. Below we will cover some of the benefits of cleaning your carpets professionally. Continue reading to learn more about this important service and how your carpets can benefit.

The Advantages of Professional Carpet Cleaning

Regularly professionally cleaning your rugs and carpets is essential for their longevity. A nice rug or carpet in your home or business is an investment requiring regular maintenance to look and perform its best. Failing to care for your carpets regularly can cause permanent damage, resulting in the need for replacement much sooner than you’d expect. Some benefits of getting your carpet professionally cleaned by Grimebusters are the following:

Keep Your Carpet Smelling Fresh

Professional carpet cleaning from Grimebusters can clear out hard-to-reach dirt and grime that builds up near your carpet’s backing. Over time while surface-level signs of dirt and wear may not be visible, a smell can begin to emanate from your carpet. Suppose you notice a musty smell or the tell-tale odour of pet accidents that weren’t adequately cleaned up. In that case, it is time for your carpet to be professionally cleaned.

Extend Your Carpet’s Lifespan

Regularly professionally cleaning your carpets can also ensure that they last longer. Carpets that aren’t professionally cleaned tend to break down faster, and there are a few reasons for this. The most significant reason is that professional carpet cleaners like Grimebusters know how to clean out deeply embedded dirt and grime, which you can’t do with just a vacuum or shampooer. Another reason is that Grimebusters’ team knows how to deep clean carpets without damaging their delicate fibres or weave. When carpets are vigorously scrubbed or soaked with detergents and water, they can suffer permanent damage that, over time, will necessitate replacement. Grimebusters is your best choice for Edmonton’s careful yet thorough carpet cleaning services.

Maintain Your Carpet’s Warranty

One of the great benefits of carpet manufacturers is that they often offer warranties on new carpets. However, issues arise with carpet warranties because they are typically only valid if the carpet is properly maintained. Some carpet manufacturers will even require proof that the carpet has been kept in line with their specific instructions. For many carpet manufacturers, those care instructions typically include professional cleaning on a regular schedule. So with all that being said, professional carpet cleaning by Grimebusters can ensure your carpet’s warranty stays valid.

Professional Carpet Cleaning in Edmonton

Since 1994, carpet and rug cleaning has been Grimebusters’ forte. As Edmonton’s premier carpet cleaners, our technicians proudly provide our customers with industry-leading service. With decades of experience, our team can easily clean your home or business’s rugs and carpets efficiently. In addition to our carpet cleaning services, Grimebusters also offers a range of other remediation, cleaning, and emergency services, such as asbestos and mould remediation. When you need clean rugs and carpets, contact Grimebusters!