Recognize Mold and Remove it with Grimebusters!
Posted By Sep 28, 2022
by admin

Mold infiltration in your commercial or residential property is a serious health concern. That’s why mold removal is mandatory and government regulated. Mold has the potential to damage people and pets’ immune systems; that’s why it’s vital to partner with a mold remediation company like Grimebusters in Edmonton. However, knowing when to call for help can be challenging if you’re unsure what mold looks like. Fungi or molds can come in various shapes, sizes, and colours. Below we’ll discuss some ways you can spot mould on your property and how Grimebusters can help. Continue reading to find out more.

What Is Mold?

In general, mold is a fungus that grows into multicellular structures called hyphae. Those hyphae structures eventually grow and multiply into visible colonies. Mold is an essential natural organism, as it contributes significantly to the natural decomposition process. However, issues arise when mold begins infesting a home or business. Mold can cause significant health issues, especially respiratory problems that people with asthma are more ‚Äč‚Äčsusceptible to. That’s why it’s crucial to partner with a mold remediation specialist like Grimebusters to ensure that your property is clear of mold and any other contaminants that can affect your health.

How to Recognize Mold?

If you are a homeowner, property manager, or business owner, you might already know what mold looks like. However, suppose you’re not sure or even familiar with mold characteristics. In that case, it’s a good idea to give yourself a refresher so you can more easily identify it. There are a few ways to recognize mold:


While the most common moulds you’re likely already familiar with are typically green or white, molds can come in a range of colours. Black mold is one of the more infamous infestations many experts talk about. Still, mold in any colour can cause significant health risks. So regardless if the mold in your property is gray, green, yellow, or black, you need to remove it to keep yourself and others safe.


Just like its colour, molds’ texture can vary significantly. Some molds look soft and velvety, while others may be slimy or spongy. For instance, black mold often appears like someone spray-painted spots across your wall, floor, or ceiling. Those spots will continue to grow if the black mold is not addressed correctly. So even if the fungus you’re facing doesn’t appear fuzzy, that doesn’t mean it isn’t a dangerous mould you need to remove.


Often people will assume that all molds have a lingering musty smell. Yet, like with colour and texture, that isn’t always the case. Molds can have a range of odours, from earthy to pungent, depending on the environment it’s growing in. The reason mold smells terrible is because it emits microbial volatile organic compounds or MVOCs. MVOCs are released throughout the mold’s growth cycle and can cause health problems for animals and people. That’s why getting rid of mold is essential as soon as you spot it.

Get Rid of Mold Today!

If your home, business, or property is infested with mould, Grimebusters is here to help! Our team of highly trained and experienced technicians understands the many adverse health effects mould can have on your employees, family, and friends. Grimebusters uses only the best methods of containment, removal and decontamination along with specialty equipment to ensure your property is clear of mold. That way, we also ensure that we comply with Alberta’s stringent mould remediation guidelines and that you get the best possible service. So if you have concerns about mould, contact Grimebusters today so we can test your property and provide you with top-notch mold remediation services!