Prevent Mould in Edmonton
Posted By Jan 17, 2024
by atriumadmin

Between wet winters and rainy summers, you may have concerns about mould and asbestos growing in your Edmonton home. But mould shouldn’t only come to mind when it is spotted or after a water-heavy event like flooding and snow melt. Preventing mould can save you a lot of money in asbestos removal, reconstruction, and cleaning costs than waiting until it’s noticable. Below, we discuss the ways that our Grimebusters professionals suggest that you prevent mould from growing in your home. Read on to find actionable items for you to do today to make sure your home is and stays mould-free.

Check Your Home’s Ventilation and Seals

Your clothes dryer, stove, and household fans (such as in the bathrooms and kitchen) vent to outside your home. Any ventilation system should end up outside, not indoors. Leaks of vents can easily lead to moisture traps, which are a perfect storm for growing mould. 

Next, all bathroom and kitchen appliances in your Edmonton home should be completely sealed if they use or hold water. Sinks, tubs, showers, and dishwashers should be regularly checked to make sure their seals are not breaking. If a break is spotted, it should be patched up immediately. 

Take Note of Moisture-Prone Areas

Look around your home and make note of any locations that are prone to moisture, including bathroom baseboards, basements, closets, window sills, and the roof. Spotting and watching these areas before the problem starts is the best way to prevent a mould problem. If you see an issue with leaks or experience flooding, clean up and fix it as soon as possible. 

For flood-prone areas, keep objects a few inches off the floor and protect your basement by taking waterproofing measures. Prevention is your greatest line of defence against mould!

Actions to Take Regularly

Following the below actions should mean a reduced risk of mould growing in your Edmonton home. 

  1. If you are experiencing dry, hot weather, make sure to open windows and use fans as necessary. 
  2. Regularly clean and disinfect humidifiers, diffusers, air conditioners, and dehumidifiers. 
  3. Keep your basement clear of cardboard, old clothes, and other objects where moisture can accumulate. 
  4. Use kitchen and bathroom fans when bathing or cooking. Leave the fan on for a few minutes after you are finished.
  5. Try to keep humidity levels below 50%. If you are experiencing high humidity, use a dehumidifier to reduce the level of moisture in the air.
  6. If you do smell an odour that you cannot identify, contact Grimebusters immediately. 

Mould removal is regulated by the government because it is such a problem. If you spot mould, please do not leave it for any amount of time. Contact us right away for expert mould removal.

Trust Professionals for Mould Removal in Edmonton

Grimebusters is Edmonton’s top asbestos removal and mould remediation company. We remain up to date on industry developments to make sure that your cleaning service is professional and thorough. Should you spot mould in your home, Grimebusters’ asbestos removal team in Edmonton can help! Contact the Grimebusters team today.