Waterproofing Your Basement 101
Posted By Sep 15, 2023
by atriumadmin

In Edmonton, the weather can fluctuate daily, weekly, and monthly. With the unpredictability and constant change in weather, your basement is at a higher risk for flooding. How do you prepare for this? Grimebusters gives the details below of how you can prepare, why you should prepare, and insider tips and tricks for waterproofing Edmonton basements. Keep reading to learn more!

Prepare for Basement Flooding

Preparing for basement flooding is critical in places with weather fluctuations or copious amounts of snow or rainfall. In order to make your house more flood-resistant, follow these tips:

  • Store all objects at least 5 inches off the floor of the basement
  • Install a sump pump alarm to alert you when the water level in your sump pump is rising
  • Regularly check your basement walls, inside and outside, for cracks
  • Know where your water supply shutoff valves are located
  • Consider waterproof paint or concrete sealers for older homes
  • If your basement is unfinished, prioritize finishing it

While these will not make your basement waterproof, they can prevent extreme damage to your basement should a flood occur. The benefit of some of these actions is decreasing the chances of water damage.

Hazards After Basement Flooding

If your basement does flood, you should call professionals to help you restore your basement from water damage. Below are just some of the ways that a flood can damage your basement and the implications those hazards have to you.

  • Mould and mildew: 

Flooding from the outside or from sewage is dangerous, as this water can contain viruses and bacteria that are harmful to humans and pets. Mould is extremely dangerous to vulnerable populations such as seniors, children, and people with medical conditions and can be dangerous to the general population, too.

  • Structural damage:

A home with structural damage is not safe for anyone to live in. Water can compromise the integrity of your flooring (whether concrete or wood), unfinished basement walls, and so much more. For homes with current cracks, you are subjecting your home to further structural damage by ignoring it. This is critical damage that must be dealt with immediately.

  • Electrical Fires:

Whether it’s water in electrical outlets or on exposed wires, if you’ve had any sort of electrical component touch water you need to contact a professional who is equipped to deal with water damage reconstruction.

  • Damage to belongings:

Unfortunately, damage to personal property, such as photo albums and books, are unrecoverable. This is why we advise you to keep everything you deem as valuable off of the floor to be out of the reach of water long enough to be rescued.

While these damages are frightening, Grimebusters can help mitigate these risks through our water damage restoration services. If you’ve had a flood, keep reading to learn about how Grimebusters water restoration services can help.

Water Damage Restoration Services

Basement waterproofing will only get you so far. If you experience water damage due to basement flooding, contact Grimebusters. We offer the following restoration services:

  • Insulation, drywall and flooring installation
  • Plumbing, electrical and HVAC
  • Painting
  • Cabinet and tile installation
  • Ceiling systems
  • And much more.

Check out the comprehensive list of services we offer for water damage restoration, and let us know what services you need to be done.

Grimebusters Basement Waterproofing Services

When your Edmonton basement floods, Grimebusters can help. Our professionals are trained to perform extensive home repairs due to water or fire damage in a timely manner. Don’t let unseen damage ruin your home. Contact Grimebusters for post-flood restoration services.