Common Questions About Water Damage and Flood Restoration
Posted By Sep 1, 2022
by admin

Unexpected water damage or flooding can devastate your home or business. When flooding occurs, the clock starts ticking, and every hour counts. It’s vital for the safety of your family and employees to contact a flood and water damage restoration company like Grimebusters as soon as possible. Our team proudly offers comprehensive reconstruction services with highly skilled workmanship and competitive prices. Below we’ll discuss some common questions regarding water damage and flooding. Including the steps you should take if flooding occurs on your property. Continue reading to learn more!

What Causes Water Damage?

Water damage can occur in a few different ways. Some common causes include natural disasters like thunderstorms or flooding, appliance malfunctions, burst pipes, roof or foundation leaks, poor drainage, and more. Water damage from flash flooding, sewage backups, and burst pipes is hazardous as it can quickly produce several inches of water in a short period. As we’ll learn next, water damage can be dangerous.

Why is Water Damage Dangerous?

Part of the reason why water damage can be dangerous is the source of the water or flooding. If floodwater comes from outside or sewage, it will contain various hazardous contaminants like viruses and bacteria that can make you and your family sick. If you don’t employ the assistance of water damage and flood restoration specialists like Grimebusters, structural damages and mould growth can flourish unchecked. Even minor water leaks can infiltrate your home and cause significant damage over time or lead to mould. If mould is left uncontrolled, it can quickly spread across your home.

What Should I Do After a Flood, Sewage or Water Leak?

Your first step should be to reach out to Grimebusters as soon as possible. Waiting can cause more mould, water, and structural damage to your home’s wood, carpet, and walls. Our team is available 24/7 to provide emergency help in urgent situations. Afterwards, if it’s safe to do so, you should shut off the utilities in your home to prevent further flooding or damage. If your home or business has suffered from structural damage, it’s best to avoid entering it as contaminants and other hazards may be present. Grimebusters will directly deal with your insurance provider to help spare you the additional stress so you can get back to normal as soon as possible.

How Does Grimebusters Handle Water Damage?

At Grimebusters, our licensed technicians will begin by removing any material that has been damaged. This may include furniture, baseboards, carpets, insulation, drywall and more. Once the damaged items are removed, our team will use various specialty tools to double-check for hidden moisture pockets before finally drying out and disinfecting the area. After that, our team of carpenters will re-construct any damage that has occurred so that your home or business will look brand new and ready to return to normal.

Water Damage Restoration from Grimebusters

Grimebusters is Edmonton’s premier water damage and flood restoration company. Our highly skilled team understands water and flood damage’s debilitating effects and consequences. Our team is available 24/7 to provide a professional and experienced emergency response to urgent situations. Outfitted with the latest tools and equipment, Grimebusters can restore your water-damaged or flooded home or business quickly and efficiently. That way, you can get back to normal as soon as possible.

If you’ve been impacted by water or flood damage, contact our team at Grimebusters today!