Your Home Probably Has Asbestos—Now What?
Posted By Mar 19, 2024
by atriumadmin

In Canada, asbestos was outlawed from being used in home construction in the 1990s. If you have an Edmonton home built before 2000, Your home probably has asbestos. What’s bad about that? Asbestos may be naturally occurring, but it is anything but safe for humans. It’s made of fibrous materials that can easily disintegrate into small particles. These small, sharp particles flow freely in the air and can enter the lungs if breathed in. Those particles will cut the lung tissue, creating tough lung scarring and potentially giving the person lung cancer, asbestosis, or mesothelioma. If you find that your home has asbestos or you strongly suspect it does, you will need to contact an Edmonton team that is qualified to do asbestos abatement. Keep reading to learn your next steps.

Don’t Disturb It

Do not touch the asbestos! Note any areas where the asbestos is largely exposed, and be sure to stay away from it. This can include wall insulation, drywall, and ceiling tiles. For instance, if you are starting home renovations or have a hole in the wall that reveals the insulation, take care not to do anything to disturb it. Doing so can break up the fibres into a fine powder, which is when the asbestos poses the most danger to humans and pets in the home. Keep pets and small children away from any exposed asbestos. This also means that you should not attempt to DIY asbestos abatement on your own, as asbestos abatement requires certain precautions and knowledge to be done safely. You are likely not trained to know the risks and what equipment is necessary. Call a professional team like Grimebusters.

Call the Professionals

If you have exposed insulation that could be asbestos, your first and only step is to call a professional team to deal with it. Grimebusters is the leading provider of comprehensive cleaning services, including complete asbestos abatement and reconstruction. Keep your family and pets safe from the effects of asbestos by contacting Grimebusters to do asbestos abatement on any place in your home, as soon as possible. Our team has worked with asbestos and has all of the personal protective equipment, knowledge, and equipment needed to ensure our safety while removing asbestos from your home. When our team is done, your home will be free of the dangers of asbestos and safe for you and your family.

Enjoy an Asbestos-Free Home

Asbestos abatement is important to keep your family healthy. If your home was built before 2000 or you otherwise have concerns that your home has asbestos, please feel free to contact Grimebusters today. We can schedule an in-person consultation to determine the scope of work and the best course of action. Grimebusters has worked with homeowners in Edmonton for 30 years, providing thorough and specialized cleaning services as needed on a case-by-case basis. If you are experiencing an emergency that needs immediate attention, please call our 24/7 emergency line at 780-900-5824