5 Common Myths You Believe About Biohazards
Posted By Mar 25, 2024
by atriumadmin

There are many things that anyone could believe regarding biohazards and biohazard cleanups. If you have fallen for any of these common myths about biohazards, know you are not alone! Grimebusters has encountered many people who have believed inaccurate things regarding biohazards, and it can sometimes cause judgment and harmful actions. This blog is meant to set five of those common myths straight. Keep reading to ensure you have the right information and can act accordingly.

Myth 1: I can clean up biohazards in my home

Answer: No. Please do not attempt any biohazard cleanup on your own. Biohazards include blood, urine, feces or remains from humans or critters. If you are uncertain about what is considered a biohazard, please ask our staff. Trying to deal with biohazards in your home without proper training can put your health and others’ health at risk. This is especially true should anyone else come in contact with the materials after it has left your home. 

Myth 2: Nicotine isn’t considered a biohazard

Answer: Yes, it is. Nicotine e-waste and smoke are both considered biohazards. In high concentrations, nicotine can release toxic chemicals into the air that are harmful to humans and animals. E-waste created by nicotine e-cigarettes requires professional disassembly to prevent heavy metals like lead and mercury from leaking into the environment. Contact a professional to remove nicotine paraphernalia or to clean up nicotine smoke. 

Myth 3: Biohazards always leave odours

Answer: Not with Grimebusters’ odour control services! At Grimebusters, we specialize in odour control and use equipment such as blacklights, hydroxyl generators, and thermal foggers to ensure that any space is clean not only to the eyes but to the nose as well. Depending on the degree of cleaning necessary, we may perform multiple rounds of deep cleaning to remove lingering odours and apply a coat of paint if necessary. 

Myth 4: If I bag up drug paraphernalia and then toss it, that’s fine

Answer: Please do not attempt to dispose of drug paraphernalia on your own. Doing so creates a potential biohazard both for the person cleaning it up and for anyone else who comes in contact with the disposed elements. It must be properly collected and disposed of to mitigate the potential spread of serious disease. Call Grimebusters at 780-900-5824 and we can remove the paraphernalia for you.

Myth 5: I can just bleach the biohazard out

Answer: No. Bleach is not only dangerous to use in confined or unventilated spaces, but bleach is also not the right cleaning agent to use for every biohazard. Bleach can disinfect the area a little, but the space is in no way considered clean after a single use of bleach. There is much more to biohazard cleanup than disinfecting. Grimebusters has cultivated the best techniques to bring any space back to where it was previously. 

Let Grimebusters Deal with Biohazards for You

Grimebusters has been in service for 30 years, helping clients cope with the fallout of family tragedies such as hoarding and unattended death. When you come across the need for a biohazard clean, do not hesitate to contact Grimebusters.