Why Hoarding Clean-Up Services are Essential for a Safe and Healthy Home
Posted By Oct 3, 2023
by atriumadmin

Hoarding is a complex and challenging issue that requires a lot of compassion from friends and family, as well as professional assistance in managing the property. From providing a safe and judgement-free environment to offering specialized cleaning techniques, Grimebusters is committed to providing quality hoarding cleanup. Below, we explore the importance of understanding hoarding disorder and how Grimebusters’ hoarding cleanup services in Edmonton can help in these tough times.

Understanding Hoarders

Hoarding, put very simply, is the inability to let things go. Slowly, people with hoarding disorders will find that their home has less and less room, sometimes to the point where the room cannot be entered anymore. The psychological effects of hoarding can be devastating, and the physical effects on one’s health can also be intense.

Hoarders live in homes filled with different items, sometimes the main object being garbage and expired food. In extreme cases, people will discover that rats, cockroaches and other small creatures have made their homes in the piles of things. These creatures and the health risks attached to mouldy food and unhygienic homes can lead to serious health complications.

It’s important to note that hoarders do not want to live this way. It is not a choice, and should, therefore, not be criticized. If you want to learn more about the psychology of hoarding, consult a hoarding professional. 

Dangers of Hoarding

In our experience of cleaning for hoarders, biohazards are often present in the home when a resident suffers from a hoarding disorder. Psychological effects aside, hoarding creates a physically unclean and potentially unsafe environment. Clutter can consist of food remains, nooks and crannies, and other elements that provide a perfect atmosphere for attracting rodents and other small critters. Other times, broken objects and unstable stacks of objects can be a physical hazard when maneuvering around the home. 

It’s imperative that you do not try to tackle hoarding homes alone. Hoarding locations are considered biohazards, as it is impossible to know whether a pile contains rodent feces, discarded needles, bodily fluids or other materials dangerous to your health. Please never attempt to handle it on your own, and instead contact Grimebusters for professional Edmonton hoarding clean up services. 

The Grimebusters Solution

When you discover your loved one has a problem with hoarding, it’s important that you contact an Edmonton psychologist and a nearby hospital before anything else. When you are ready to tackle the issue of the physical items in the home, Grimebusters is ready to help you! 

Grimebusters employs non-judgemental professionals who will handle your loved one’s home with respect. We understand that this is a difficult time for you and your family, which is why we always ensure to take the utmost care while cleaning.

Hoarding Clean Up Solutions in Edmonton

Grimebusters has been in operation since 1994, giving us almost 30 years of experience cleaning. We offer comprehensive hoarding cleanup services to help you tackle biohazardous homes, paying attention to every detail. You’re never alone in dealing with hoarding. Contact Grimebusters if you are in need of hoarding cleanup services.