Protect Against Bed Bugs and Other Household Pests
Posted By Nov 30, 2023
by admin

Do you know what to look for when it comes to keeping your home pest-free? Mice, cockroaches, and other pests can track bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens into your home. If you have vulnerable people living in the home, it is especially important to make sure your home is clean. Grimebusters is an industry expert in cleaning services for Edmonton homes. We’ve outlined some of the ways to protect your home against bed bugs, mice, and other critters below. Read on to learn about ways to protect your home!

Mice and Rodents

The first step in defending your home from vermin is preventing them from entering in the first place. Mice and other small rodents are typically attracted to areas that have been vacant for a long period of time. If you are planning on being away from the space—whether that space is a house, trailer, or other—for a while, plan to have human activity occur inside. Any movement can scare them away from moving in; having a friend or family member stop by every so often can make a big difference. Homes of hoarders tend to be more prone to mouse and rodent activity than other homes. Cluttered homes become the perfect environment for the critters: an abundance of food sources, nesting materials, and crevices to hide in. 

Should you find small vermin in your home, please do not attempt to catch them on your own. Places of inactivity and hoarder homes are more likely to house more than one family of rodents, and there may be safety issues surrounding access to nests. Grimebusters offers specialized cleaning services for Edmonton residents that will ensure a clean home for you and your loved ones. 


Balconies and roofs are attractive places for pigeons to squat, meaning they can end up covered in bird droppings. There are some specialty bird repellents out there, such as spikes, netting, and sonic deterrents, that can help make your balcony less desirable for pigeons. Cheap alternatives may be something as simple as aluminum foil or an owl decoy, with more intense methods requiring professional installation. There are many options out there to fit your needs and price point. 

Unfortunately for roofs, the large surface area means that deterrents might only do so much. If you discover that traditional methods are not working, Grimebusters can help! Our cleaning services in Edmonton include the removal of pests such as pigeons, and we can take care of power washing your balcony or roof to bring it back to its original state. 

Bed Bugs and Cockroaches

The best way to protect against bed bugs is by making sure your home is cleaned regularly. Bed bugs and cockroaches are attracted to garbage and food, so make sure your home is free from these. The likelihood of attracting small pests like these is higher in multifamily complexes, but it can happen to anyone. Regularly clean your floors and counters, and take out the garbage as soon as it’s full. Food scraps should be composted, and the compost should be taken out regularly. By keeping your home free of garbage and food scraps, you’ll prevent your home from becoming an ideal home for tiny pests.

If you do spot these critters in your home, contact us right away! Small bugs can hide in many small crevices (bed creases, cracks in furniture and walls, and anything cardboard are just a few spots you might not have thought of). 

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