Move Out Cleaning Checklist for Edmontonians
Posted By Jul 9, 2024
by atriumadmin

Moving out is already such a stressful time. Often, the last task on the list is the final move-out clean—and by this point, you are probably so stressed and tired that you are concerned you will forget to clean something important. We’ve been there! Take advantage of the 30 years of cleaning experience Grimebusters has and tackle the list we’ve made below.


Moving out? If you are unable to find the list provided by your property manager, there are general tasks you should always complete in any rental situation. We’ve included them all in the list for your convenience. Follow the list below to ensure you get as much of your deposit back as possible. 

  • Clean inside of the fridge
  • Clean inside of cupboards and on top of shelves
  • Wash carpets (especially if there are visible stains or if pets were present in the space)
  • Vacuum blinds and window sills
  • Wash walls and baseboards, especially in bathrooms and bedrooms
  • Move appliances and thoroughly sweep and wash the floors and walls behind them
  • Scrub under the burners if the coils are removable
  • Wash fans, vents, light fixtures
  • Dust curtain rods
  • Check smoke detectors and replace batteries if needed
  • Scrub the tub, tiles, mirrors, toilets, and doors of the bathroom
  • Sweep and wash all flooring
  • Scrub inside oven
  • Wash down the outside of all cabinets, drawers, etc.
  • Wipe down all surfaces and handles

While this list may seem long and daunting, many of these tasks will take less than an hour to complete. With a couple of friends, you could have your place clean in no time. If there are any issues that keep you from completing the list, Grimebusters is always ready to help.

When to Call the Pros

If you run into any of the following, stop cleaning and immediately contact Grimebusters to take over. Without the proper equipment, it is unsafe for individuals to tackle biohazardous material, even if it is in their own homes. The following are indicators that a professional may be more equipped to handle it.

  • The presence of biohazardous materials such as urine, narcotic paraphernalia and other sharp objects, rodent or animal feces, insect infestations, hoarding, unattended death, suicide or homicide.
  • Construction is needed, such as patching holes in the wall, painting, mechanical or electrical work, material installation, and millwork. 
  • Mould or asbestos is found in the walls, roof, flooring, or other locations.
  • You’ve experienced flooding or water damage recently, which means you need repairs to drywall, flooring, the foundation, cabinets, insulation, electrical, and/or more.
  • There is a strong and stubborn odour in the area.
  • You have a physical or mental impairment that prevents you from doing it yourself.

Grimebusters does more than your average cleaner: our team specializes in the dirty cleaning that others prefer to stay away from. For a comprehensive list of all of our services, go to our website.

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