Why Proper Post-Construction Cleaning is Important
Posted By Dec 11, 2023
by admin

After construction, cleaning the area that was worked on is important for your physical health as well as to care for your new space. Often, despite efforts made by the construction crew, there may be nails, screws, drywall dust, and other debris left over. These items can cause physical health issues and, if not dealt with immediately, can lead to a scattering of dust and materials to other locations. To avoid this, take advantage of post-construction cleaning services provided by Grimebusters in Edmonton. Read below about what our cleaning services can do for you.

Benefits to Physical Health

People who are reactive to dust particles may experience symptoms of allergies if the place is not thoroughly deep cleaned after construction. For building construction projects, this can lead to your Edmonton employees and patrons alike experiencing sneezing, stuffiness, and other respiratory distress. 

You could attempt to perform post-construction cleaning on your own, but the experts at Grimebusters know where to deep clean to ensure your newly-constructed space will look pristine in time for its first use. Our cleaners know the tips and tricks to ensure we are removing the dust and not just kicking it into corners or into the air. In addition, this will prevent the dust particles from entering vents and dispersing through the rest of the building.

Avoid Damage to New Surfaces

Hiring a professional cleaning team can be a game-changer when it comes to construction. The last thing you’d want after your space has been constructed is for nails and screws to scratch surfaces, and for tape to peel at the freshly-painted walls. That can all be easily avoided! Post-construction cleaning by the experienced professionals at Grimebusters will ensure that your space is cleaned in a manner that avoids damaging all the fixtures and surfaces in the area.

Get Rid of Hidden Messes

Grimebusters started as an expert carpet cleaning business in Edmonton over 20 years ago. We have built on that to create our post-construction cleaning, asbestos and mould removal, hoarding and crime scene cleaning, among others. We offer 24/7 emergency services to Edmonton residents and businesses, because we know that disasters like basement floods are never at a convenient time. 

Each team member at Grimebusters has received expert training—every clean by us ensures that your space is cleaned to the highest standards. They have the knowledge of effective cleaning techniques, tools, and products to tackle even the toughest messes that construction can make. Instead of spending your free time cleaning and dusting, you can focus on what truly matters to you. Work with Grimebusters and reap the benefits of a sparkling environment without lifting a finger. 

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Reduce the grime at your Edmonton construction site with post-construction cleaning services by a cleaning team that can customize their services to fit your specific needs. Why not end the construction process with a thorough clean of your space? Contact us today and let us help you make a healthy, clean environment!