What to Expect from Tenant Eviction Cleaning Services
Posted By Jan 24, 2024
by atriumadmin

In Alberta, you are allowed to evict a tenant on certain grounds. If you had to evict a tenant in Edmonton recently, you are likely dealing with the things the tenants left in the home. This can be a hassle for your property cleaning staff to deal with on top of regular duties, as the task may end up being out of your cleaning team’s scope. It is not uncommon to deal with hoarding, odours and narcotics in cases of evicted tenants. Grimebusters offers comprehensive residential cleaning services to help you put your property in working order once again. Learn about our tenant eviction cleaning services below.

Hoarding and Junk Removal Services

After discovering an evicted tenant left behind more than you can carry out, handing the job off to trained professionals to remove it for you is a great first step. Our commercial cleaning services at Grimebusters entail more than just removing furniture the tenants have left behind. Let a team of professionals handle the task of removing unwanted objects, garbage and furniture from the home. 

Hoarding often means undesirable critters taking shelter inside the home, unsafe walking paths, and other dangers. It is impossible to know what you will find in a hoarder’s home, which is why it is important to contact professionals like Grimebusters who understand the risks. We also understand the sensitive nature of the cleanup and are experts at keeping a low profile.

Biohazard Cleanup and Removal

Edmonton homes that hold biohazardous material, animal or human, often come in conjunction with hoarder homes. As soon as you spot biohazards, contact professionals. Biohazards can include, but are not limited to:

  • Blood and bodily fluids
  • Animal carcasses or bones
  • Syringes or other drug paraphernalia
  • Mould or asbestos
  • Animal droppings
  • Broken glass
  • Insects or rodents

These biohazards should cause you to immediately exit the home and call for Grimebusters’ commercial cleaning services. Our trained professionals are ready to help you restore your property and make it ready for tenancy again.

Odour Control

Tenants with pets, especially cats, can leave behind the smell of animal urine in the carpets. Pet urine odour can be extremely difficult to fully remove with grocery store cleaning products, which is why we offer commercial cleaning services that include odour control to Edmonton residents. The Grimebusters cleaners know carpets well—that was what we started out as! We built up a reputation as Edmonton’s premiere carpet and rug cleaning company over more than two decades and have ingrained those practices into our odour control service.

Floods, excessive and untreated moisture, and smoke are just a few of the other causes of odour in the home. Whatever the root cause, we can tackle it and create a fresh-smelling home in no time.

Commercial Cleaning Services Edmonton

With our refined procedures for cleaning rental properties in Edmonton, your property will be up and running quickly. Should you find yourself in a situation with an evicted tenant who has left behind a home in need of professional cleaning, Grimebusters is only a phone call away! Contact us today.