Ten Essential (& Cheap) Hacks for a Sparkling Home This Summer
Posted By Jun 27, 2024
by atriumadmin

This year is the year where you finally tackle the overdue deep cleaning. No matter how much experience you have in cleaning or what your living situation is, if you’re ready to feel like your living space is fresh once again, follow along. Our team of expert cleaners put together a list of ways that you can bring your home to the next level yourself without expensive or industrial-grade products. For the most accessible cleaning hacks, read below!

  1. Washer and dryer care: Run your washer through a self-cleaning cycle and scrub your lint trap. (Remember to remove lint after each cycle!)
  2. Avoid bug infestations: Pull your appliances out from the wall to vacuum and scrub the floor and walls behind them. This will help you to catch any bugs before they settle in.
  3. Windows and mirrors: Use a squeegee to leave your glass streak-free. For touch-ups, use a microfibre cloth and water.
  4. Fridge and freezer care: Wash out the drawers in your fridge and chip away any ice buildup in the freezer. If necessary, remove any items from the freezer to get at the ice.
  5. Don’t miss anything: Work from the top of the house and move down. This way, you won’t put crumbs on clean floors or forget to dust the collections on your mantle.
  6. Toilet shine: Remove the tabs covering the toilet screws. Scrub these with soap to remove any bacteria.
  7. Baseboards and blinds: Vacuum the baseboards before washing to avoid making a big mess. The same can be done with the blinds.
  8. Clean rugs: Roll up and move rugs to sweep away any dirt that has accumulated under them, and make sure to give the floor a good mop.
  9. Heat registers: Take your vacuum to your heat registers. Dust and crumbs often gather here. 
  10. Simply start! Sometimes, all it takes is getting yourself to put one dish into the dishwasher to start the snowball effect. 

With these simple steps, your home will feel brand new. We get it: between work, grocery shopping and every other thing you need to do regularly, deep cleaning on top of it all can seem overwhelming. Add in mobility issues or other problems, and it can feel downright impossible to maintain a clean home. If that’s you, Grimebusters will take care of it for you. With 30 years of experience in helping people all over Edmonton clean commercial and residential areas alike, our compassionate technicians are ready and waiting to take the stress of junk removal, biohazard cleanup, 6-hour cleans, and more off your hands

Contact our team at 780-900-5824 for 24-hour emergency cleans or to book an appointment. Alternatively, you can send us a message about your situation, and we will reach out to you as soon as possible. 

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