Rating Risk Factors in the Home: Black Mould
Posted By Jun 21, 2024
by atriumadmin


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Comments: Smelly, bad for health, hard to contain.

Is it common in Edmonton? Yes.

Homeowners and renters alike are often very aware of the potential dangers any home can experience. One of the hazards in the back of many people’s minds is black mould. This one is unfortunately common in Edmonton homes due to the constant cycle of thawing to freezing to thawing again. At Grimebusters, our 30 years in business have shown us that there’s always a way to fix problems. That being said, it takes proper methods and equipment to remove such things as black mould. If you are concerned about black mould in your home, take a look at the following information. 

What is Black Mould & How to Spot it

Black mould is a type of mould that can be found in moist areas of the home, such as bathrooms and basements. It is most easily visually identified by the groupings of dark spots (called spores), which are often located on drywall corners, on window ledges, or near the ceiling. Black mould emits a musty odour, much like what you can imagine your grandpa’s pajamas smell like. This type of mould can cause people living or working in the area to experience anything from coughing, sneezing and trouble breathing to allergic reactions (for people who have a mould allergy). It’s important to deal with black mould as soon as it’s identified. 

What Causes Black Mould?

Like most fungi, black mould develops in moist, oxygenated, and warm environments. It most often appears on drywall or other papery or cellulose materials. For instance, if a bathroom with a shower or tub is not properly ventilated, black mould will start to grow pretty quickly. Flooding in basements can create the perfect environment for spores to develop, and it is not unheard of for spores to reappear in apartment buildings where the mould was not removed fully. 

Black mould spores easily travel from location to location, and its ability to move through the air if disturbed makes it a pain to get rid of. To reduce the chances of black mould growing in an area, using dehumidifiers can go a long way. Repair any leaks in pipes or the building’s foundation quickly, and always check ventilation for issues. 

What to Do if You Spot Black Mould in Home

Professional black mould removal is always the recommended course of action if you spot it in your home. Grimebusters takes black mould removal very seriously; our step-by-step process ensures that no mould is missed, and third-party air quality testing prevents mould spores from lingering and causing future issues. Black mould removal, when done on your own, is tricky and potentially harmful to your health. It’s best to trust professionals to get it done well the first time.

Contact our team if you are worried about black mould in your home by sending a message or by giving us a call at 780-900-5824.