Pass the Smell Test with Grimebusters’ Commercial Odour Control Services
Posted By Sep 16, 2022
by admin

Persistent unpleasant smells can be disruptive to your business. If your commercial building in Edmonton faces problems associated with foul odours, you’re not alone! Grimebusters is here to help you find the source of the problem and eliminate it quickly. That way, you and your staff, tenants, and/or customers can get back to enjoying your commercial space. Our crew of skilled technicians are experts in commercial odour control. They are ready to assist you in making your property smell fresh. Below we’ll discuss some of the typical locations of foul odours in your commercial building and how Grimebusters can help. Continue reading to find out more!

Common Locations of Odours in Commercial Buildings

If you or your staff have noticed unpleasant odours in your building, it’s essential to find the source so Grimebusters can eliminate it. Often there are multiple sources for the smell in your office or commercial space. At the same time, the potency of odours in your commercial building will depend on various factors. Some factors are the amount of ventilation in the building, how long people are in the space, and your sensitivity to particular smells. Grimebusters can help you remove foul odours using the latest technology and methods. That way, these odours are removed efficiently. When our crew is searching for the location of smells, the following are some of the most common sources:


Between dirty sinks, toilets, urinals and more restrooms are teeming with the potential for negative smells. Across all types of commercial buildings, it’s common for the bathrooms to be one of the primary sources of foul odours. If your building is facing problematic smells, Grimebusters can help by investigating the source of the scent. That way, our team can clear your restroom of foul odours.

Offices and Meeting Rooms

Rooms left empty for long periods can begin to produce musty smells. Similarly, high-traffic carpeted areas and upholstery can hold on to old smells for a long time, even if those areas aren’t being used regularly. Also, garbage left in offices or meeting rooms can quickly begin to smell if not disposed of regularly and often. If your office or meeting room has a particularly unpleasant smell, Grimebusters is here to help.

Hallways, Stairwells, and Elevators

In apartments, hotels, and other commercial buildings, smells from food, foot traffic, and pets can leach into the hallways, stairs, and elevators. In addition, smoking odours can easily infiltrate these areas of your building, take root in carpets, and fester into other unpleasant smells. If these smells persist in your building, Grimebusters’ skilled technicians can search out the source of these odours and eliminate them with little hassle.

Exterior Areas

If your commercial building in Edmonton has a dumpster nearby, you may be dealing with pungent odours from the garbage. Like other smells from outside, dumpster odours can leach into your building and settle into the walls, carpets, and other areas of your property. In addition, exterior spaces are at risk of urine odours, car exhaust smells, and more. Fortunately, Grimebusters’ team of highly trained commercial odour control specialists understands the many challenges of removing foul smells.

HVAC Systems

HVAC systems, in particular, are at risk of bacteria growing in their coils or other areas. Suppose your HVAC system is dealing with a build-up of bacteria, dust, and other debris. In that case, that musty smell can permeate your entire commercial building. This can make locating the source of the scent difficult as it can appear to be coming from every room. Grimebusters utilizes various technology and cleaning methods to identify and eliminate odours within your HVAC system.

Commercial Odour Control Services from Grimebusters

For over 20 years, Grimebusters has been Edmonton’s premier odour control company. With years of experience, extensive training, and the latest technology, Grimebusters can provide our customers with high-quality and efficient odour control services. While many commercial property owners often try to DIY odour control themselves, that’s usually not thorough enough to eliminate the problem. Many persistent odours can be caused by biohazards, smoke, humidity, and other factors that require professional attention. Our highly trained and skilled technicians are well equipped to address these challenging odours in an affordable, efficient, and sustainable way for your business.

If your property is dealing with unpleasant smells, contact Grimebusters today to learn more about our commercial odour control services!