Helping Families After Trauma: Crime Scene Cleanup Edmonton
Posted By Sep 26, 2023
by atriumadmin

After a traumatic family event has occurred, the last thing you want to do is be responsible for the crime scene cleanup. The act of cleaning up after a tragedy can be further traumatizing. Unfortunately, the onus is typically on the family to manage the aftermath. Grimebusters believes that this should not be something you have to do. Let us take on the emotional toll of cleaning so that you can take that time to grieve, make funeral arrangements, and take care of yourself. Below we will expand on how hiring a crime scene cleanup team in Edmonton will alleviate a grave burden for you. 

The Emotional Toll on Family

Families who have experienced a traumatic event that results in a crime scene have our sympathies. We offer cleaning services to correctly and efficiently care for the deceased on your behalf. These services will help you avoid further trauma compounding through the cleanup process. It is unfortunate that the cleanup rests on the family’s shoulders, and we want to help mitigate extra stress in this difficult time. Edmonton’s Grimebusters wants to assist in making your next steps easier. Allow us to take charge of the crime scene cleanup process.

Exposure to Biohazards

Besides the possibility of further traumatization, crime scene cleanup exposes you to biohazardous material and potential health risks. Families are usually untrained in the field of biohazards and can be subjecting themselves to dangers they are not equipped for. Handling the deceased, especially in more complicated situations, requires specific materials and tools to return the area to be a safe environment.

Grimebusters’ Fully Trained Team

Leave the crime scene cleanup to Edmonton professionals who can properly dispose of the biohazardous materials on your behalf. Grimebusters’ team is fully trained to clean your home to get it back up to a livable standard in a timely manner. We use tools designed to keep us safe from exposure to hazardous materials and are equipped for proper disposal of said materials. Our team is constantly undergoing further training to ensure that you get the best service. Grimebusters is compliant with regulations, making us your safest as well as your most caring option.

We use the utmost discretion to avoid turning any unwanted attention away from you and your family to protect your privacy. Our emergency services are available 24/7 so that you never have to wait for us to be available to assist. Grimebusters is ready to help with Edmonton crime scene cleanup immediately.

Grimebusters Can Help

When it comes to crime scene cleanup in Edmonton, give the responsibility of cleaning up to Grimebusters. We understand that you are living through an extremely stressful and tough time. Let us handle the crime scene cleanup for you. Grimebusters is ready to handle any crime scene cleanup in Edmonton that you require. You shouldn’t have to handle this on your own.

If you are looking for biohazard cleanup, mould and asbestos remediation, or junk removal, Grimebusters has a professional team waiting to help. Contact Grimebusters today to obtain any of our services.