Common Biohazard Cleaning Services from Grimebusters
Posted By Apr 4, 2023
by admin

When cleaning up biohazards in your home or business, time and expertise are critical. Biohazards severely threaten your health and safety, from blood and bodily fluid spills to sharp objects and animal waste. Attempting to clean up a biohazard yourself puts you at serious risk, as specialized training, tools, and equipment are necessary for a thorough and safe job. With the help of a professional biohazard cleanup team like Grimebusters, you can reduce the risk of biohazardous contamination and health consequences. Below we’ll cover some of the most common biohazard cleanup services Grimebusters offers. Continue reading to learn how our team can keep you safe and healthy!

Blood and Bodily Fluid Spills

Blood and bodily fluids are one of the most common types of biohazards that occur in commercial and residential properties in Edmonton. In commercial settings, blood is often spilled during workplace accidents associated with heavy equipment or machinery. Meanwhile, in everyday settings, accidental cuts and nicks can result in blood spills and contamination. Getting a professional biohazard cleanup team is vital when blood or bodily fluids are present. It’s impossible by just visual examination to know whether or not bloodborne pathogens or other hazards are present. Therefore, you should always err on the side of caution and reach out to Grimebusters when a blood or bodily fluid spill occurs.

Sharps Waste

Typically you will discover sharps waste on properties where drug use, a break in or other property damage has occurred. The most common forms of sharps waste include glass, knives, and needles. Suppose your property has sharps waste that needs to be cleaned up. In that case, you must partner with an experienced Edmonton biohazard cleanup company like Grimebusters. Attempting to clean up sharps waste yourself is dangerous as it is easy to accidentally pass diseased or infections from the contaminated item to the cleaner. Our team of certified technicians has the safety training, personal protective equipment, and state-of-the-art tools to dispose of sharps waste properly. When you discover biohazardous sharps waste on your property, Grimebusters is here to help!

Feces, Urine and Animal Waste

Cleaning up feces, urine, and animal waste is a dirty and potentially dangerous job to attempt to do on your own. Feces and urine contamination from humans or animals can quickly become a serious issue if not properly decontaminated and disposed of. While animal waste such as nests, tissues, or body parts decomposing or not poses serious health risks. At Grimebusters, we are here to help you with in-depth biohazard cleanup, decontamination, and remediation services. Our highly trained biohazard cleanup technicians understand how to approach these high-risk situations and ensure your property is entirely safe from any biohazards.

Trust Grimebusters for Biohazard Cleanup

At Grimebusters, our team is committed to getting their hands dirty, so you don’t have to. That commitment includes disposing and cleaning biohazardous materials and decontaminating surrounding areas. For over 25+ years, Grimebusters has been Edmonton’s premier choice for biohazard cleanups and numerous other cleaning and remediation services. When you need professional assistance to clean up your property, trust the experts at Grimebusters.

If you’ve found a biological hazard on your property, do not hesitate to contact Grimebusters today!