Biohazardous Junk Removal in Edmonton
Posted By Mar 19, 2024
by atriumadmin

When spring rolls around, you might get the urge to empty the basement or garage of your Edmonton home. What happens when you find biohazardous junk you need to have removed? Professional junk removal, like that of Grimebusters, is required to remove biohazardous junk that may contain biological materials that are toxic or dangerous to humans. Below, we run through what “biohazardous junk” means and what to do if you spot it in your cleaning endeavours. 

When is Junk Considered Biohazardous?

A biohazard is classified as anything that contains human, animal, or pest remains or other substances that are toxic to humans. This often means that the dangerous substance is of biological origin and usually contains microorganisms. If a couch, rug, or other item comes into contact with animal or human bodily fluids, animal or human waste, or narcotic paraphernalia, the object is now considered biohazardous. It can seem safe to dispose of a rug that the cat peed on by yourself, but tossing it into the garbage bin isn’t safe. Biohazards thrown in a regular trash receptacle can come in contact with labourers around Edmonton. You never know how a biohazard from your home may affect the people outside of your home. As such, it is imperative that biohazardous junk is properly disposed of and taken to a location with incineration. If you begin ridding your home of junk and notice potentially biohazardous material, keep yourself safe and call Grimebusters.

What Do You Do With Biohazardous Junk?

If you find biohazardous junk in your home Grimebusters is only a call away. While many companies refuse to do biohazardous junk removal for Edmonton homeowners, Grimebusters is fully equipped to safely remove any biohazardous material from the premises. In order to do biohazardous junk removal correctly, Grimebusters employees come fully equipped with necessary tools and materials such as zipper doors and biohazard disposal bags. We will ensure that all affected junk is removed from your Edmonton home quickly. 

Examples of Biohazardous Junk

When we come to remove biohazardous junk, it could be for any range of reasons. We have worked with people recovering from hoarding disorders, cleaned unattended death scenes, and attended to spaces where a disability or mental disorder has prevented adequate maintenance. Biohazardous junk removal for one person could mean getting rid of a mattress contaminated with bodily fluids, but a hoarding cleanup for another. At Grimebusters, there is no judgment or limitations on what we remove. Our job is to help bring any space up to the standard needed to be functional again. 

For Commercial And Residential Needs

Biohazardous junk removal is not only necessary for residential homes that may have critters or drug paraphernalia present but also for landlords with tenant evictions who leave behind biohazardous junk and even business developers looking to build on land that has abandoned homeless encampments. Let our expert team remove biohazardous junk on your behalf, safely.

Full Biohazard Junk Removal and Cleaning

Should your space require thorough post-junk removal biohazard cleaning, Grimebusters in Edmonton has the skills and experience required to make the space as clean as possible again. Everything we do is done with care and discretion. If you or your business needs compassionate biohazardous junk removal service, contact us today.